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We are excited to announce the 13th International Imaging Genetics Conference, to be held on February 13th and 14th, 2017 at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology - known as Calit2- on the UC Irvine campus in Irvine, CA.

This international symposium was held initially to assess the new technology and innovation in the various established fields of genetics and imaging, and to facilitate the transdisciplinary fusion needed to optimize the development of the emerging field of Imaging Genetics. Over the past decade, the conference has helped to define and document progress in the field and to create a dialogue for the challenges and opportunities it faces.

The International Imaging Genetics Conferences bring together national and international experts in neuroimaging, genetics, data-mining, visualization and statistics. Targeting physicians and scientific researchers, this annual conference features presentations from investigators world-wide and places emphasis on facilitating in-depth discussions among the participants and presenters. The 3rd through 6th conferences offered new workshops on Imaging for Geneticists and Genetics for Brain Imagers, and the 8th-11th conferences hosted a workshop on the SOLAR software and Imaging Genetic analyses. The 5th-12th conferences featured posters submitted by researchers working in the field of Imaging Genetics, and the archived abstracts can be seen here.

Given the known importance of both genetics and environment in brain function, and the role of neuroimaging in revealing brain dysfunction, the synergism of integrating genetics with brain imaging will fundamentally change our understanding of human brain function in disease. To fully realize the promise of this synergy, we must develop novel analytic, statistical, and visualization techniques for this new field.

We are pleased to be continuing this important conference and look forward to seeing you at the 13th Imaging Genetics Conference in 2017.

Steven G. Potkin, MD

Daniel R. Weinberger, MD

International Imaging Genetics Conference