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Poster Presentations

Tenth International Imaging Genetics Program
January 20-21, 2014

The Tenth International Imaging Genetics Conference brochure can be downloaded by clicking here.

Presenter(s) Slides
Steven Potkin:
"Opening Remarks."
2.70 MB 185 MB
Daniel Weinberger
"Imaging Genetics: What have we learned in 10 years?"
6.20 MB 1.57 GB
Thomas Nichols
"Mass Univariate and Multivariate Approaches to Understanding Genetic Variation in the Brain"
2.82 MB
Jason Moore
"Multivariate Imaging Genetic Approaches"
1.89 MB 1.22 GB
Panel discussion
Moderator: Fabio Macciardi
Judy Cameron
"Neural systems underlying primate behaviors: An evolutionary perspective"
12.4 MB 1.42 GB
Fabio Macciardi
"Evolution of brain genes in the hominin lineage in the last 30,000 years"
5.86 MB
John Gilmore
"Genetic and environmental influences on early childhood brain development"
2.38 MB 1.52 GB
Panel discussion
Moderator: Daniel Weinberger
Gianluca Ursini
"Genetic-Epigenetic Interactions and Risk for Schizophrenia"
4.66 MB 1.44 GB
Daniel Rujescu
"Genetics of schizophrenia and intermediate phenotypes"
Not Available
Caroline Zink
"Imaging Genetics of Value in the Ventral Striatum"
1.84 MB 1.96 GB
Andrew Saykin
"Looking ahead on integrating NGS and quantitative phenotypes in AD"
4.42 MB
Panel discussion
Moderator: James Kennedy
Steven Potkin:
Farewell remarks
1.82 MB  

SOLAR Workshop
Part 1: Genetic Analysis of Quantitative Traits 1.88 MB 1.39 GB
Part 2: Using SOLAR-Eclipse for genetic, metagenetic and megagenetic analyses 332 KB
Part 3. Mega and Meta analysis of 2200 subjects from five studies using SOLAR eclipse 4.72 MB 1.33 GB
Part 4. Comparing heritability estimates for twin studies: SOLAR and OpenMX 5.46 MB
Part 5: Summary and future directions 1.99 MB 562 MB