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Poster Presentations for the 2013 Imaging Genetics Conference

1) Richard Mulligan Washington University in St. Louis

Association between DRD4 polymorphism and the neural correlates of inhibitory control in young adult twins

Richard C. Mulligan, Sean D. Kristjansson, Angela M. Reiersen, Christina N. Lessov-Schlaggar, Andres Parra, Andrey P. Anokhin

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2) Nematollah K. Batmanghelich Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Bayesian framework for imaging genetics

Nematollah K. Batmanghelich, Adrian V. Dalca, Mert Sabuncu, Polina Golland

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3) Balaji Narayanan Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center

Genetic Association of Sub-components of the Event Related Potential in Schizophrenia and Psychotic Bipolar Disorder in the BSNIP Study

Balaji Narayanan, Kasey O' Neil, Micahel Stevens, Carol Tamminga, John Sweeney, Matcheri Keshavan, Gunavant Thaker, Brett Clementz, Godfrey Pearlson

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4) Daniel Felsky Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Convergent Neuroimaging and Postmortem Evidence for Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Posed by the SORL1 Gene

Daniel Felsky, William G Honer, David A Bennet, Lei Yu, Jon Pipitone, Mallar M Chakravarty, Nancy J Lobaugh, Benoit H Mulsant, Bruce G Pollock, James L Kennedy, Aristotle N Voineskos

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5) Hugo Geerts In Silico Biosciences

Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia. Exploring Pathology Using A Quantitative Computer-Based Systems Pharmacology Approach

Hugo Geerts, Athan Spiros, Patrick Roberts

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6) Carrie Wright Mind Research Network & University of New Mexico

Gray matter effects of miR-137 putative targets involved in axonal guidance

Carrie Wright, Veena Patel, Vince D. Calhoun, Stefan Ehrlich, Esther Walton, Nora Perrone-Bizzozero, S. Charles Schulz, Eric Morrow, Thomas Wassink, Jingyu Liu, Jessica A. Turner

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7) Derek Beaton The University of Texas at Dallas

Connecting Connectivity: Revealing the genetic influences of brain networks in a substance abuse population

Derek Beaton, Joseph Dunlop, Francesca Filbey, Hervé Abdi

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8) Geoffrey Chern-Yee Tan National Healthcare Group Singapore Psychiatry Residency programme, Duke-NUS Singapore, University College London UK

PROGINS diminishes sex differences in brain volume

Geoffrey Chern-Yee Tan , Carlton Chu, John Ashburner, Nicholas W Wood, Richard SJ Frackowiak

9) Jingyu Liu Mind Research Network

Can DNA methylation from blood indicate status of schizophrenia patients?

Jignyu Liu, Jiayu Chen, Stefan Ehrlich, Esther Walton, Tonya White, Vince D. Calhoun

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10) Tristram Lett Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

The Genome-Wide Supported Variant MicroRNA-137 Predicts Phenotypic Heterogeneity within Schizophrenia

Tristram Lett, Mallar Chakravarty, Dan Felsky, Eva Brandl, Vanessa Gonclaves, Arun K. Tiwari, Jason Lerch, Jeffrey Lieberman, Herbert Y. Meltzer, James L. Kennedy, Aristotle Voineskos

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11) Ramon Casanova Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Assessment of Alzheimer’s disease risk using neuroimaging and cognitive data

Casanova R., Hsu F-C, Chen S-H, Sink K.M, Rapp S.R, Williamson J.D, Resnick S.M and Espeland M.A

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12) Xu Chen University of Warwick

Voxel-wise and Cluster-based Heritability Inferences of fMRI Data

Xu Chen, Dr. Gabriëlla Blokland, Dr. Thomas Nichols

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13) Guillemot, Vincent CEA NeuroSpin

A multi-block approach in imaging genetics

Guillemot, Vincent; Conrod, Patricia; Tenenhaus, Arthur;Duchesnay, Edouard; Poline, Jean-Baptiste; Frouin, Vincent

14) Esther Walton University Hospital, Technical University Dresden

GWAS hit NRGN is associated with two intermediate phenotypes for schizophrenia

Esther Walton, Daniel Geisler, Johanna Hass, Jingyu Liu, Randy Gollub, Veit Roessner, Vince Calhoun, Stefan Ehrlich

15) Jiayu Chen The Mind Research Network

Parallel Independent Component Analysis with Reference: A Semi-blind Multivariate Approach for Voxelwise Genome-wide Association Study

Jiayu Chen, Vince D. Calhoun, Jessica A. Turner, Alejandro Arias-Vasquez, Barbara Franke , Jingyu Liu

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16) Thomas W. Muehleisen Dept. of Genomics and Institute of Human Genetics, University of Bonn

Effect of genome-wide supported risk variants for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder on the cortical thickness of healthy individuals

Thomas W. Muehleisen, Florian B. Siedek, Svenja Caspers, Christian Roski, Christine Herold, Silke Lux, Per Hoffmann, Markus M. Noethen, Tim Becker, Katrin Amunts, Sven Cichon

17) Bennett Landman Vanderbilt University

Medical Image Processing in the Cloud

Bo Li, Brian S. Caffo, Aniruddha S. Gokhale, Bennett A. Landman

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18) Li Shen Indiana University School of Medicine


The NITRC Team

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19) Rachel Aine Yotter University of Pennsylvania

Integration of imaging and genetic data improves prediction accuracy for cognitive decline and MCI to AD conversion

Rachel Aine Yotter, Bilwaj Gaonkar, Xiao Da, Roman Filipovych, Christos Davatzikos for the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

20) Peter Kochunov University of Maryland

SOLAR-Eclipse computational tools for genetic and mega-genetic analysis

Peter Kochunov , Charles Peterson, Neda Jahanshad, Thomas E. Nichols, Bennett A Landman, Paul M. Thompson, David G. Glahn and John Blangero

21) Tianzi Jiang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The long rather than the short allele of 5-HTTLPR predisposes Han Chinese to anxiety and reduced connectivity between prefrontal cortex and amygdala

Haixia Long, Bing Liu, Bing Hou, Wen Qin, Yuan Zhou, Keith M. Kendrick, Chunshui Yu

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22) Kristin Pearson-Fuhrhop University of California, Irvine

Genetic factors influence dopamine effects on learning and plasticity

Kristin M. Pearson-Fuhrhop, Brian Minton, Daniel Acevedo, Babak Shahbaba, Steven C. Cramer

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23) Giovanni Montana

Random forest regression on distance matrices: a novel approach to imaging genomics studies

Aaron Sim and Giovanni Montana